Conventional wisdom has historically seen ‘final salary’ pensions being held up as the gold standard of retirement provision. This is due to the benefits of these pensions typically outweighing what most people in an alternative ‘money purchase’ arrangement could receive in retirement. As such, transferring benefits away from a final salary pension into an alternative …


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A brief look at the FTSE 100 would suggest that not much has been happening since the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU). In fact, the FTSE 100 was at its highest level since August 2015 on Friday 1 July. The initial reaction in financial markets to the referendum result went as expected. …



The next stage of the pensions revolution has been cancelled, it seems, or at least postponed. After his sweeping pension freedoms, introduced last year, Chancellor George Osborne had been expected to order even more radical changes in the Budget on March 16. But with the Brexit vote in June and a possible Conservative party leadership battle ahead, …



The £1M LTA is fast approaching and that means decision time for those clients who believe that they may be caught by the latest cut. Should they stick or twist? The price for protecting funds from an LTA charge by locking into a higher allowance may be that pension funding has to stop. And that …



How much am I really going to receive? This can seem straight forward question however its not the case, National insurance record can vary greatly depending on if they were members of a pension scheme that contracted them out of the state system to benefit from national insurance rebates for the schemes in question. So …


Pension Freedom

Next year will see major reforms to dividend taxation. What will this mean for the Investor? Will it alter where you should save? It  may trigger a review of your  existing investment structures. There will be both winners and losers when the £5,000 annual dividend allowance is introduced April 2016. Higher rate taxpayers could be …


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