Check the FCA Register-Scam Advisers looking to get your pension

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Conventional wisdom points to defined benefit schemes as the gold standard of retirement provision.

This position is also held by the Financial Conduct Authority, which has led to the majority of financial advisers opting out
of providing advice in this area. Those ‘specialist’ firms that do provide advice are typically reliant on the Critical Yield Method.

We believe that an individual’s financial objectives and requirements cannot be met by this approach. In contrast, we feel our holistic approach is better placed to provide suitable advice, ensuring your financial objectives and wellbeing are both met. Along with the funds being managed on a professional basis in most instances.

SCAM Advisers in the Market to steal your pension

This week I have had a discussion with a new client who had received a cold call from a company offering advice on his Defined benefit scheme, he had agreed to proceed with the transfer without considering the companies credentials.

His funds were more than £650,000 he decided to look for an additional option we provided a free review of his circumstances and it turned out that the company he had engaged were not authorised under the FCA -in effect a scam.

If the client has signed the paperwork he would have lost his entire pension without any protection from the Financial Services compensation scheme.

It’s vital that people considering transferring or seeking advice on defined benefits transfers or any investment advice check that the company they are dealing with are regulated by visiting the FCA –


Advanced Asset Consultants are “Pension Transfer Specialists “offering advice throughout the UK on this complicate area of advice.

Pension freedom provides clients with the opportunities to review pension arrangement however a great deal of care and due diligence needs to be taken from the outset.

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